Sunday, June 7, 2015


Camden loves Kid President and he came across a video where Kid President was asking people to share books they love. Inspired by the notion that we can change the world by sharing stories that matter, #BookItForward asks you to think of a book that inspired you and share it someone else.

If you know Camden, you know he's an avid reader. Every week he adds anywhere from 1-3 books to his collection. Since we don't have the budget to add a library onto our house he decided to #BookItForward with the books he was finished with. He wanted to put labels in the books to explain what #BookItForward was and the rest is history. These labels can be printed on full sheet Avery labels and cut in two or they can be printed on the already separated Avery Shipping Labels #5126.

Camden likes to put his name, who he is booking it forward to and then put our state on the first line.

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